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Event's Presentation

It may seem daring to launch a new race in these turbulent times, but we are convinced that this is the right moment. The time to offer you new spaces to escape and have fun!

It is therefore with great enthusiasm and emotion that we invite you to discover the VILLARS ULTRAKS. On 10 July 2021, choose from one of the three routes between Villars and Bretaye, the one that best suits your desires and abilities.  

The « MARATHON » (42.2 km/3’313m D+)

42.2 km of varied terrain passing through the iconic places of the region: Le Miroir d'Argentine, Anzeide, the Gypse Pyramids, Encrène... and of course the two Chamossaire. These places will be your playground. On 3'313m of vertical drop you will face engaged segments tested by Maude Mathys, our ambassador, European champion and vice-world champion in mountain running.   

The « ROC » (28.9 km/2'255m D+)

This course is distinguished by sections such as the one that goes from the Croix des Chaux to Taveyannes or the ridge that links the two Chamossaire. Strong moments in perspective.

The « CHAM » (16.7 km, 1278m D+)

The « CHAM » remains the most original way to link Villars to Bretaye.


We are at the same time confident with this race, strengthened by the experience of organising the Matterhorn Ultraks in August 2020, and we remain nevertheless clear-sighted about the virus.

This is why we are offering you a "protection plan" allowing you, in the event of cancellation of the race due to the health situation, to either postpone your registration for one year or obtain a 90% refund. 

Please note that registrations made before the end of the year will benefit from a preferential rate. Make the most of it!

We look forward to seeing you in Villars on Saturday 10 July.