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Trail - Time Barriers

For safety purposes, we have set time barriers for the various races.

These barriers do not have for objective to get runners out of the race, but to encourage everyone to choose the appropriate distance according to one’s skills and capacity.

At each time barrier location, a member of the Jury will be physically present to assess situations and avoid problems.

We thank you for your understanding.


Time Barriers « CHAM »

«CHAM» race does not have any time barriers.


Time Barriers « ROC »


Croix des Chaux

Time Barrier 13h00


13.7 km


1 193m
D- 507m

Elapsed time since last departure



Time Barriers « MARATHON »

  Plan de Roche

Croix des Chaux

Lac des Chavonnes

Time Barrier 9h15 13h45 16h45


8.5 km 26 km

38.4 km


558 m 2 113 m

2 794 m

D- 431 m 1 427 m  2 391 m

Elapsed time since last departure

2h15 6h45


At the runners can easily and freely take the train from Bretaye to get back to Villars.