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In 2021, the Ultraks family has grown with the creation of the Villars Ultraks!

The ambition is clear: to take advantage of the exceptional landscapes and paths of this region to create magnificent courses. Indeed, just like the Matterhorn Ultraks race, Villars Ultraks aims to offer runners exceptional courses of different distances and varying levels of difficulty so that everyone can find the challenge that suits them.

4 Courses - A unique starting and finishing point

With the experience of 8 years with the Matterhorn Ultraks race, Villars Ultraks wants to bring to the Vaud region a great trail race for runners and spectators alike!

Listening to the comments of the runners after the first edition, it was decided to modify the routes so that all the races start and return from the Sports Centre (except the VERTICALE which finishes on the summits).

We are looking forward to sharing trail moments with you!

See you soon in Villars!


Trail - Time Barriers

If you have a question about time barriers, the answer is here!

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